We see ourselves as a community of forward-thinking organizations and individuals in the non-profit, public and private sectors, driven by the desire to make a positive impact by advocating for access to information and services in languages people understand and promoting the understanding of the role languages have in economic recovery, education and mental and seniors' health.

We see the plurality of languages as a tool for creating a more equitable and inclusive society. We are interested in creating and negotiating strategic partnerships serving local and global audiences and supporting sector organizations in the pursuit of their vision of ensuring appropriate access and comprehension.

Our objective is to inform, connect and help with increasing visibility for our shared language rights activism through all relevant platforms, offline and online. With this work, we hope, we can create lasting change in the world.


Craig Carter- Edwards
Co-Organizer. Lobbying Day Management
Eliana Trinaistic
Co-Organizer, Event and Network Management
Nicole Anichini
Advisory Board and Volunteers Management
Lama Ahmed
Social Media, Content Creation, Event Management
Hongyan (Jack) Xu
Virtual Conference Support, Content Creation
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Alessa Dassioss
Researcher, Legal
Gabriela Rodas
Community Engagement
Janine Al-Hadidi
Content creation
Bogdan Costea
Animation, media production
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Event support
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Lola Bendana
Advisory Group Member - For-Profit Industry Cluster
Lorena Fontaine
Advisory Group Member - Indigenous Cluster
Marie Douville
Advisory Group Member - Francophone Cluster (ATIO)
Shireen Salti
Advisory Group Member - Immigration/ Settlement Cluster
Soheila M. Khatami
Advisory Group Members - Interpreters Cluster (OCCI and APLI,
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Toronto, Ontario

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