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The Language Access Coalition of Canada (LACC) is looking for your participation!


Formed in 2020, LACC came together to host Canada’s first-ever Language Advocacy Day, bringing the importance of equitable language access for all to the government of Ontario. With 30 partners, 11 meetings with Members of Provincial Parliament, 20 members of the Ontario Public Service and 230 attendees of our virtual conference, this day was an incredible success.


Language access is a national issue, and to foster the change we need t scale our work so that all Canadians would have access to quality information and services regardless of what language they speak or sign, we need national reach.


We are seeking champions, organisations or individuals across Canada who either provide, rely on, or are impacted by language services. This includes interpreters and translators, public service providers, linguistic and cultural community organisations, grassroots groups and anyone passionate about equitable language access.


What LACC is offering:

  • Facilitated problem and solution identification

  • Amplification and an opportunity to network and build capacity with others in the language access space.


oin the coalition!  Signing on as a partner is an easy process; click on this link, fill out the form, and we will respond to you quickly.

LACC Events and MeetUp Group Code of Conduct

What Challenges does the Language Services face?

What challenges people with language barriers encounter?

This short survey will help us identify the major concerns facing the language services community, as well as potential solutions to those problems.

Share your Language Service Story

Submit your story, blog or video!

Submit your story, blog or video!
We are interested in your story! Do you have your own "language rights story" to tell? Are you interested in submitting a blog post, video or having a phone conversation? We are interested to listen to your story. 

Please contact us by email!


Are there other ways in which you want to get involved? Do you have contacts, resources, planning or social media skills you can donate to our cause?


Let us know!

How can you help?

Thanks for submitting!




We want to break through the noise, gain attention and traction for language rights, and for this, we need many of us joining together to make it happen. We need you!

Our coalition is structurally loose and envisions a team of people with complementary skills and capabilities across a range of categories. Join us!



Advocacy is a marathon race and a core competency of any non-profit. The ongoing effort to engage representatives, policymakers, the community, funders and other stakeholders includes education, promotion and trust building for particular legislative changes to take place. Contact us to find out more!

Senior Trans Person


We want to inform, educate and share findings about how languages improve earning, learning and health at any age in life, and how equitable access to information and services will build a more equitable Canada in the post-COVID economic recovery process.

Knowledge Management

Our knowledge management is about creating a "community of practice", consisting of members pursuing collective social action across official boundaries which, in turn, creates community. We are aiming to document the process and create practical tools to help our communities and other communities advocate for languages better.



In turbulent times such as these, we can all do more to support and empower the communities we live in by joining together, sharing opinions and stories or monitoring the media to find and share reliable sources of common-sense policy solutions. A strong community means having a consistent voice as well as a safe place for holding such conversations. Join us and fill the form above!



There are different opportunities available to those who are interested and want to join, with different levels of involvement. If you want to find more about our ongoing volunteer opportunities please send us an email to inquire!

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