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February 22 is Language Advocacy Day, recognized unofficially in Canada and worldwide. Starting in 2021, the Language Access Coalition of Canada (LACC) hosted its first ever virtual conferences highlighting the diversity of language access work in Canada and the importance of securing language access for minority language speakers, including newcomers, official language minority communities, and Indigenous language speakers. This year LACC is organized a two-day event:

On February 21st, LANGUAGE KEEPERS - Celebrating Newcomer and Indigenous Language Revitalization and Preservation, we hosted a celebratory panel about the work being done in Indigenous and newcomer communities to preserve, revitalize, and pass on mother tongues to future generations. In the afternoon, we gathered 60 language advocates from across Canada to contribute to LANGUAGE POLICY HACKATHON 2024 and discuss the topics of advocacy for French language, Indigenous revitalization, the option of "active language offer" in hospitals and the AI adoption in translation and interpretation.

On February 22nd, our annual day of MOBILIZATION and COLLECTIVE ACTION we invited communities across Canada to contact their representatives to move the needle on language rights in Canada and join us in advocating for language rights as human rights.


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About Language Advocacy Day

Ontario’s existing language service supports are not meeting the needs of our increasingly diverse population. This has been especially apparent during our recent experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Language Policy Hackathon


We invite you to HELP identify a targeted list of key challenges, opportunities and solutions to bring to policymakers.

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