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We invite you to join us at the third virtual Our Language Rights Canada Conference: February 22-23

The Our Language Rights Canada Conference, is envisioned as a gathering place for all of us - language rights advocates - interpreters and translators, institutions and organizations, businesses big and small, for profit and not for profit, students, academia, government officials and individuals passionate about language access: official, Indigenous, and non-official languages spoken in Canada coast to coast to coast. The Conference will provide us with opportunities to meet, network, share our stories and learn about language rights and linguistic justice advocacy projects that promote language rights as human rights in Canada.

This free, virtual event with simultaneous interpretation in both official languages, American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ) is generously sponsored by MCIS Language Solutions, a Canadian non profit social enterprise.

The 2023 theme “Language, Education, Stories Untold” highlights the role of language education and storytelling in preserving culture, history, and fostering a sense of identity, belonging and deeper human connection best told by those who face language barriers or even language extinction. We will share stories about Indigenous languages rights and the preservation of Inuktitut; and stories from Canadian provinces, such as interpreters’ education in Ontario, efforts to ensure multilingual access to services in Maritime Provinces and Alberta, to name a few. Finally, we will explore how Sustainable Development Goals relate to language justice and how you can join the collective efforts of many individuals and communities to ensure that no language is left behind. #LAD23

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