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Your Toronto By-Election for Mayor Toolkit: how to vote + language access!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

This blog post was prepared by our amazing LACC Volunteers: Isabel Di Luciano and Tia Kawar

Your Toronto By-Election for Mayor Toolkit: how to vote + language access information!

Hello Toronto Language Advocates! On Monday June 26th, 2023, a Mayoral By-election will be held in Toronto. Here is some important information from the City of Toronto and other resources to help you get prepared to vote!

First, make sure you are eligible to vote:

2023 By-Election for Mayor: Voting Options & Accessibility Information During advance vote, from June 8 to 13 you can vote at any of the 50 voting locations across the city. On election day, on June 26 you must vote at your designated location.

Multilingual Election Resources and Language Access

  • The City of Toronto has made voting information available here in 25 different languages

  • You can also translate any page at any time by selecting the Translate button at the bottom of each page, this will allow you to select any language offered by Google Translate.

  • If you require assistance in a language that is not available, please call 311 to request over-the-phone interpretation in more than 180 languages.

  • During elections, staff at the voting locations will be wearing tags that show the different languages they speak.

  • You may ask anyone who is not a candidate or a scrutineer to act as an interpreter for you. They must complete an oral declaration that they will faithfully translate any communication between you and the election officials. Interpreters may not go behind the voting screen with you or assist you in voting.

  • Translated “How to Vote booklets” are available in the voting location to assist with declarations, required identification, how to mark your ballot and what to expect.

  • Social Planning Toronto allows you to stay informed with key issues in the city and obtain information regarding the city’ plan to create a more livable city. The information can be accessed using this link

Finally, candidate information can be found here. Contact information and social media platforms for each candidate can be found on the website.

We hope all Torontonians will be getting out there to vote, and that the next mayor of Toronto will support putting language access on the city's agenda!

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