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Your Ontario Provincial Election Toolkit: How to vote, how to support language access, and more!

Step 1: Register to Vote

You can register to vote online with Elections Ontario, and learn more about the different ways that you can vote in the election on our before June 2, 2022.

Step 2: Educate Yourself about the Voting Process

Is this your first time voting, or do you need a refresh on all the information you will need to cast your vote? No need to worry - Elections Ontario has information on how to mark your ballot, and what forms of identification you will need to cast your vote available in 38 different languages. These multilingual resources are essential in ensuring that people facing language barriers have access to civic literacy.

Step 3: Learn about your local candidates

You can find out about who your local candidates are as well as other important local voting information here. Keep an eye out on your local news outlets to see any debates between local candidates, interviews, and other coverage of issues that are relevant to your riding.

Step 4: Support Language Access

Tweet your local candidate (or any of the parties) and ask them to support language access. You can tag us @LAD_Canada and we will share our support! You can find more information about the party platforms and language access here.

Step 5: Vote!

After you have completed the previous steps, you will be equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision and exercise your civic liberties by casting your ballot!

Step 6: Post Election - Keep the Pressure On!

After the election is where the real work begins! We need to ensure that the government is held accountable on their commitments (related and unrelated to language access). Similar to steps 3 and 4, contact your local MPP and/or the current provincial ministers and encourage them to support policies that will improve language accessibility.

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